First Critique Group Coming Up Today

I finally got around to editing the first chapter of the first draft of my memoir. Why? Because I’m going to my first critique group today and I wanted to bring something to read and get comments on. I usually would hang back for the first few meetings but I feel a sense of urgency now. I realized that the Vietnam trip is only something like forty-five days away. Mai and I will need be ready to start doing some merging of our work if we are going to accomplish much on this trip.

Editing and rewrites are hard for me. I write my first drafts quick and dirty style and the editing is tough because I don’t have a lot of good writing to work with. I think I’ll be doing more rewriting than editing in the memoir. For now, I’m using the book The First Five Pages: A Writer’s Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile, by Noah Lukeman. I found it at the library bookstore the other day and it has some pretty good ideas for rewrites. This time I took out or replaced adjectives and adverbs and made the verbs stronger. It helped but we’ll see what the critique group thinks. I hope to get some good feedback.

It will be great to meet with these writers. Human contact with like-minded people is what I need to keep going. I signed up for the memoir group on Scribophile, but so far haven’t participated. It seems so remote, but maybe I’ll work on that after I get my energy revved up and my spaciness under control.

Susan will be here soon to pick me up. I’m happy and nervous.


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