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Using That Good Advice

I went to my first critique group yesterday and met several new people who all became my allies in the struggle to become a better writer. I was so impressed with their work and I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot from their comments. This morning I used their suggestions to edit and do a little rewrite of the first chapter of the memoir and it looks much better.

After a few more changes, I’ll be sending it off to my daughter, MaiLynn, so she can read it and comment. We’re working together on this memoir. It brings us closer even though I’m in California and she’s in New Zealand. ¬†We’re still working on the on-line communication and sharing aspects but I think we can handle it with Skype and Google Docs.

It’ll be great to work together a bit when I meet her in Vietnam for three weeks. Mostly we’ll be exploring the country, but we plan to put some of this book together too. I’m getting ready for the trip by taking Vietnamese lessons from my brother-in-law. Some of those sounds are tough to pronounce. I hope I get better soon or I’ll be embarrassing myself and confusing others. It might make for some funny stories.

Back to work. I have to figure out how to write a flashback for one of the events in that first chapter.