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Salinas Writer’s Circle and Poetry

I just did the homework for my Writer’s Circle meeting tonight. I was dreading it because I haven’t written any poetry in years, and not much then either.

The prompt was: Write a poem based on your favorite song or movie.

Eat, Pray, Love  really wasn’t one of my favorite movies, but it was one of my favorite books and the movie was ok. I thought it showed promise for writing a poem. It was great fun to write.

Invocation for Gaia

We pray from within this glorious world.

We stand in praise

and bow down in our fields

bringing forth the magnificent feast.


Our prayers feed our bodies and our hearts.

The crunch of the apple and

the taste of the freely-given fruit

reminds us of the way we savor the sweet taste of our lover’s mouth.


We sing praises to this passion.

Our devotion to life and our hunger for love

conjures up the banquet and we sit down to eat.